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The Comfort of Elders

I’ve recently read quite a few memoirs. One was a Korean adoptee memoir, while the others have been memoirs from Korean-American recounting their family histories. In an attempt to reclaim the cultural losses incurred as a transracial adoptee, reading stories of elders has given me a newfound solace.

Weeping Angel

An Unforgiving Grief

I finally submitted something I wrote regarding my birth mother this past weekend. I wrote it last November thinking maybe something would change. My return to Korea changed nothing. The COVID-19 pandemic changed nothing. In my mind, I believe nothing will change her from the course of action she’s taken…


You Have a Korean Face

My return to Korea was one of introspection, healing, and a newfound understanding and acceptance for who I am. It was a culmination of years of emotional labor, working through the abandonment issues that have plagued me throughout my life. Being adopted by white extroverts, I never “fit” in my adoptive family. Round peg, square…