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Fighting to be Seen

As a transracial adoptee, fighting to be seen is an underlying current through many aspects of my existence. Not only fighting to be seen as Korean, but fighting to be seen as the child my mother relinquished decades ago. The news of Kang, Mee-sook’s legal victory has made its way through the US and Korea.…

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The Comfort of Elders

I’ve recently read quite a few memoirs. One was a Korean adoptee memoir, while the others have been memoirs from Korean-American recounting their family histories. In an attempt to reclaim the cultural losses incurred as a transracial adoptee, reading stories of elders has given me a newfound solace.

Weeping Angel

An Unforgiving Grief

I finally submitted something I wrote regarding my birth mother this past weekend. I wrote it last November thinking maybe something would change. My return to Korea changed nothing. The COVID-19 pandemic changed nothing. In my mind, I believe nothing will change her from the course of action she’s taken…